Amnesia Haze

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Amnesia Haze
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Amnesia Haze is the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup winning supper cross of Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, Jamaican, Afghani, and Hawaiian genetics. Most users find that Soma’s masterpiece produces a true sativa cerebral high that motivates and energizes while your face muscles go slack and you forget what you’re saying in mid sentence. Others will notice the mild relaxing traits of its less dominant indica heritage. Amnesia Haze is not suited for impatient growers but does produce heavy yields of very high quality cannabis. While our sample tested at 15% THC, this strain can produce as much as 22% THC when grown to its full potential. Because of its long flowering time this is a pretty rare strain to find in the U.S. If you can locate a well grown sample of Amnesia Haze don’t miss the opportunity to sample it.


Type: Sativa 80% Indica 20%
Lineage: Thai Stick x Cambodian x Laotian x Jamaican Haze x Afghani Hawaiian
Breeder: Soma Seeds
Seed/Clone: Clones are rare but seeds are readily available.
Seed Available Through: Soma Seeds


Dez – This strain was beautiful to look at. One gram of the lightest palest green infused with thousands of tiny sparkling crystals shot through with amber colored hairs, a nice dense bud, manicured and trimmed well.


Our sample of Amnesia Haze produced strong pungent odors of citrus from the terpenes Myrcene and Limonene and scent of pine from its Pinene content. Some of our reviewers picked up the sweet and spicy smell of what was likely B-Caryophyllene. Others noticed a clove, berry, medicinal and camphor or minty scent from some less dominant terpenes.

One reviewer reported, “As soon as I opened the bag, my olfactory senses were overwhelmed by a torrent of caramelized lemons, and then whisked away on currents of pine fresh bliss.” Another told us, “It has a zesty aroma like lime and lemon zest, mixed with a very medicinal smell with hints of peppermint undernote.”


Some terpenes translate from scent to taste quite well, others are subtly altered when heated and burned. GreenThumb told us “Nothing in the smell translated into the taste, except sour. It is more of a lemon kind of sour than the kind of putrid sour you expect a strain like Sour Diesel to have. It tastes better than most other sour flavors I’ve tasted, otherwise its gross.” on the other hand Cancer Survivor reported, “The taste was exactly how it smelled, just like orange.” Others reported flavors that were slightly sweet, bitter, fruity, clove, spicy, woodsy or earthy, berry, crisp, and that of smoky mint. While Green Thumb did not particularly like the flavor, generally it was rated above average and some liked it very much.


Individual body chemistry, frequency of cannabis use and other unknown factors play a large role in how people experience the highs from cannabis. While dominantly a Sativa strain, Amnesia Haze produced different highs for different users. Olga reported a more typical sativa high, “Very cerebral mental high and physical relaxation mostly in the face and neck. Motivation to keep busy, but not rushed, and felt like my body was at ease. The high lasted at least two hours, very silly mental high, where I wanted to eat lots of food but also I wanted to get out and be social. A nice balanced super strong buzz.”

On the other hand there were reviews like Yimbo’s that reported more narcotic effects often typical of indica dominant strains. In Yimbo’s own words, “Wow. Very strong. Made me forget I need to do a review on it! Time definitely seemed to slow down. You know how you think an hour went by and it was 20 minutes. It is not something I would puff on if I need to pay attention or had to get something done. This to me is your sit down and chill weed.”


The true test of cannabis strain is in how well it works for those who use it medicinally to treat their symptoms. Here is what our reviewers had to say.

Green Thumb (PTSD) “I suffer from PTSD, an anxiety disorder. While this strain did alleviate my tension, it did not provide me any euphoria. I prefer strains that make me smile and keep me from the darker thoughts in my mind. This strain made me numb, but not happy. It was OK.”

Cancer Survivor (Leukemia) “This strain helped out with my headaches. And it helped me sleep.”

Shortcakes (Lupus and Fibromyalgia) “This strain worked well for my symptoms related to lupus and fibromyalgia. Mainly pain and stiff muscles and joints.”

Jill (ADHD) “I was pretty motivated and able to focus on my tasks.”

Water Goddess (Severe Menstrual Pain) “My lower back pain and menstrual cramps were both slightly improved after smoking this strain. I was also relieved of the nauseous feeling I’d been previously experiencing this morning.”

Jess-has-MS (Multiple Sclerosis)  “No noticeable benefits for my particular MS symptoms.”

Jackwagon (Liver Disease) “I have been having a rough few days with my nausea. This strain killed the nausea and gave me an instant urge to eat which i need help with at times. i believe this will put me to sleep quite well too. It’s early evening. too early to try. I wish it would have been later when i consumed my meds. got quite lazy and sleepy. especially after i had dinner. i like it very well just wouldn’t use it in the daytime hours out and about.”

Yimbo (Pain) Really “well, I forgot about any stress and pain I was having for about 2 and half hours.”

Mindhead (Severe Back Pain) “Helped significantly with my sleeping issues, back still had mild pain.”

Mitchy (Chronic Arthritic Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Fibroid Tumors) “It relieved my chronic bone pain in my hand a good deal, or at least made my mind forget about it. I forgot to notice if the redness and swelling was reduced, but at least I remembered to take a few notes.”

Sugar Britches (Back Fusion, Breast Cancer, Depression) “This strain had some pain relief effectiveness for my chronic back & leg pain. Helped me with my sleep deprivation & the following health issues ie: depression, stress, lymphodema-tingling, sharp shooting pains in my armpit. My body was relaxed & comfortable for a short while.”

Dez (Arthritis, Back and Hip Pain, Contact Dermatitis) “Well I just got out of the car after driving for three hours and could barely walk, took a couple of tokes and realized fifteen minutes later that my hips didn’t hurt anymore and felt such relief in my lower back, so I’d say it worked very well.”

Olga (Cartilage and Ligament Damage) “I felt like I was able to do chores with ease, but at the same time still was reminded of pain/soreness occasionally. I had a few hours where I just sort of forgot about it all.”

BB (ADD, Pain and Anxiety) “Nice mellow high. Seems more a Sativa based strain I prefer Sativa during the day.”

Side Effects

Green Thumb reported mild heart palpitations.

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THCA: 14.6%
THC: .4%
CBDA: .1%
CBD: .2%
CBN: 0%

Total THC: 15%
Total CBD: .3%
Total CBN: 0%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 15.3%
Moisture Content: Unknown


Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor. Outdoor in areas with warm dry fall weather
Maturation: 12 to 13 weeks Indoor. November or later outdoor
Height at Finish: Tall, 12 + tall feet outdoors
Yield: Indoor, 750 grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor, 5 pounds or more per plant.
Predisposition for pest and fungus: Amnesia Haze is a bit finicky and is susceptible to pests and fungus. The long flowering time exacerbates these problems.
Notes: I would not suggest beginners attempt to grow this strain until they have cut their teeth with easier strains and worked out all possibly grow room quirks.

Strain As Tested:


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  1. Ben - wikileaf September 3, 2013 at 10:46 am -

    Just got a batch of Amnesia Haze yesterday! First time trying it out but I loved it. Since its mostly sativa its a pretty heady high that left me kind of restless so definitely not for night time medicating. We actually took a small amount and then went for a 2 hour hike. Its a pretty uplifting and energetic high

  2. BillWhit November 5, 2013 at 2:29 am -

    My friend always grows two types, under lights, and one of the last ones was Amnesia! Knocked this 61 years old, 43 year tokers socks off, lol! All I could do was lie in bed and slobber! Had to go to the hospital for a week and would sneak into the bathroom at night, with the little one hitter. Slept like a baby! Some of the most cerebral highs I have had in over 40 years of endulging in God’s Medicine!

  3. jamesrhodes March 9, 2014 at 3:10 pm -

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