Blackberry Kush

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Blackberry Kush
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Prized by the medical cannabis community, Blackberry Kush is often described as a powerful “one hitter.” The story behind Blackberry Kush remain a subject of controversy, and as of yet, no breeders have stepped forward to claim responsibility for this fantastic strain. Despite the mystery, this purple indica has made quite an impact on California dispensaries and their patients. This strain is characterized by very broad dark green leaves, pungent sweet berry smelling buds, and a tendency to turn dark purple or even nearly black. There are many who suggest Blackberry Kush exhibits many of the traits inherent in DJ Shorts Blueberry. I find it probable that DJ’s Blueberry has been worked into the Blackberry Kush genetics, but have not been able find anything yet to substantiate this.


Type: Indica
Lineage: Unknown the following crosses are reported but unsubstantiated
Afghani x DJ Short Blueberry
Bubba Kush x DJ Short Blueberry
Bubba Kush x Blackberry (Blackberry = The Black x Afghani and The Black = Nepalese x Hawaiian)
Breeder: Unknown
Seed/Clone: Typically traded as clone, although seed may be available (see below)
Seed Available Through: Canadian Rare Seeds Co.


There were so many great descriptions of Blackberry Kush that it was a bit difficult to pick just a few quotes from our reviewers.  I think Yimbo may have said it best. “Wow, that’s incredible! I’ve seen less frosting on a cake. A very nice one gram bud. Trimmed perfect. At first glance I didn’t realize how dark olive green the bud was due all the crystals that make it appear much lighter in color. It does have a few clumps of orange hairs poking through in different places. It biggest surprise is when I broke it open; it’s golden with hints of purple on the inside. It has a ton of crystals inside too. So many it looks kief infused.”

Dez gave us another great description. “This strain looked like the color green from a Granny Smith apple mixed with Royal Purple on the outside with strands of an orange sunset running through it, then dipped in a crystal vat.”


GreenThumb may have described the smell best. “This plant smells pretty good but is hard to describe. There seems to be a few different scents vying for control of my olfactory sensors. I smell a light pine scent surrounded by a light rose smell and then topped with the lightest citrus scent, almost like a light lemon. This isn’t the best smelling plant out there but it’s definitely on the top shelf of smells.”

Mitchy reported, “I was surprised by the scent of this one. I was expecting an overpowering skunk smell, but that was not noted at all. It has a light almost fruity smell with earthy undertones. Very nice and not at all overpowering.”

Other reviewers described the smell as Grape, Fruity, Skunky, Woodsy, Earthy, Sweet, Citrus, Lavender, Clove, Pine. Olga on the other hand told us “The smell is almost like cut grass clippings, not very enjoyable.”


While our reviewers were all over the map when describing the smell, most agreed the taste of Blackberry Kush was fruity and sweet. Olga who didn’t much care for the smell gave a great description. “The flavor is very sweet, nothing like the scent. An almost syrupy sweetness, with a very harsh undertone. Upon exhaling it had a sharp flavor very similar to eucalyptus.” Green Thumb agreed it had a bit of a bite, but most seemed to agree with Mitchy who told us “…It was very smooth and not at all harsh on the throat. No coughing.”

A few others flavors that were mentioned included; citrus, pine, fruity pebbles, woody, spice and grape and berry.


Our reviewers reported that Blackberry Kush induced a surprisingly strong head and body high that lasted for hours.

GreenThumb appears to have been taken a bit by surprise. “GONG! This one hit the ringer! … If used in a large enough quantity this could be a substitute for alcohol. Be careful if you just want to be medicated and not “high”, one or two draws should be enough. I personally went for the whole bowl and was incapacitated for a good two hours. Quality flowers here.” Water Goddess seemed to agree. “This medicine is *strong*, or at least for me! I felt an instant, big buzz that made me feel really relaxed and happy…”

Both SurferK and Olga reported what almost sounds like psychedelic effects. SurferK told us, “My visual perception was altered and the colors and shapes of the leaves seemed to have more detail.” Olga said she experienced “A quick mental buzz came on quickly, not euphoric but very visual. I felt like I was very aware of light and color.”

Only Jess-has-MS reported “I didn’t get any buzz from this strain.”


I think we have our hands on some strong and effective medicinal cannabis. 12 of the 14 reviewers said they would recommend Blackberry Kush for others with similar symptoms, and 7 of those reported medicinal effects lasting between 4 and 8 hours. Usually I just pick a few solid quotes that represent the general findings, but the reports on Blackberry Kush are so solid I’ve shared everyone’s quotes.

Green Thumb (PTSD) “…Did a great job of keeping me relaxed and calm…This strain got me through a good five hour trip to the park, with all the people, noise and stress that can bring. I’m always hyper alert in these kinds of situations. It just comes from years of Army life; people mean danger and danger means stress and hyper vigilance…”

Cancer Survivor (Leukemia) “the strain helped my particular symptom of insomnia. It helped me sleep well. The medical benefits lasted through the night until the next morning.”

Shortcakes (Lupus and Fibromyalgia) “Relief of pain and stiffness. I slept very well.”

Jill (ADHD) “It would help me if I had taken Ritalin late and needed to fall asleep.”

Water Goddess (Severe Menstrual Pain) “This strain is amazing! Not only does it look, smell, and taste great, but it really gave me pain relief, as well.”

Jackwagon (Liver Disease) “Completely took away my nausea and gave me energy.”

Yimbo (Pain and Addiction) “Wonderful! When I got up this morning I was in pretty rough shape. Played golf yesterday, my feet were killing me. My back very stiff and my head pounding some from the beers on 19th hole. Within 5 minutes of smoking I felt like a new man. Headache gone, back still a little tight but barely there, and my feet are not bother me at all.”

Mindhead (Severe Back Pain) “Pain was dramatically reduced quickly and effectively.”

SurferK (Sleep Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression) “I found it calming and joyful.”

Mitchy (Chronic Arthritic Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Fibroid Tumors)  “I can’t believe how well this strain worked for me, I had a completely forgotten about pain and was feeling so much better that I managed to play of few games of bowling, well on Wii, without having to stop and ice my hand. this is probably one of the top 5 strains I have EVER tried for reduction of swelling and joint pain.”

Coyote (Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea, Migraines) “The strain was relaxing and calming to nerves and anxiety. It helped me sleep.”

Devil Dez (Arthritis, Lower Back and Hip Pain, Contact Dermatitis) “This strain was really good, It dulled out my pain and let me relax without discomfort.”

Only 2 of the 12 reviewers did not find relief from using Blackberry Kush

Jess-has-MS (Multiple Sclerosis) “This strain didn’t work for my symptoms at all.”

Olga (Cartilage and Ligament Damage) “I medicated when my symptoms were quite bad. I had a lot of joint stiffness as well as tender ligaments from working out too much. I felt very little improvement, if any. I think it was more mental than anything.”

Side Effects

A few of our reviewers reported some minor side-effects.

GreenThumb reported, “when I smoked it there was a bit of a bite in the back of my throat and the initial high was very strong. Overall it was pretty good, but I would advise bringing a glass of water with you when you smoke it.” Cancer Survivor shared that, “the only side effect was the next morning I still felt a little of the high, very potent strain!” Jill told us, “I got a little shaky and I don’t think it’s a daytime high.” Yimbo experienced cottonmouth and Olga told us, “It made me cough pretty hard, which was left me with a pretty sore throat.”

View all 14 reviews for Blackberry KushReviewers Biographies
THCA 18.9%
THC .1%
CBDA .5%
CBD 0%
CBN .1%

Total THC: 19%
Total CBD: .5%
Total CBN: .1%
Total Cannabinoids: 19.6%
Moisture Content: 11.2%

Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor preferred, may be grown outdoor where climate permits

Maturation: 8 weeks

Yield: Indoor: 400 + grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor: 2 pounds or more per plant.

Predisposition for pest and fungus: Like many Kush strains, Blackberry Kush tends to be fairly resistant to powdery mildew. Blackberry Kush has been shown to be more susceptible botrytis and to spider mite infestation and great measure should be taken to prevent these condition.

Notes: Tendency to produce smaller dense buds, what this strain lacks in colla size it makes up for with quantity. Because of these traits, Blackberry Kush is rarely topped. Aggressive lateral branching produces a great deal of flower sites throughout the canopy. Grown indoor, Blackberry Kush may require more thinning than other kush varieties.

Strain As Tested:


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  1. Carl Lynchberg August 3, 2012 at 6:23 pm -

    why is topping recommended for this strain????

  2. gore August 3, 2012 at 10:18 pm -

    We actually recommended against topping of this strain. Blackberry Kush already has a tendency for aggressive lateral branching, and tends to lack apical dominance.

    …of course results may vary from grower to grower. If you have good results using a method we did not mention please share you findings.

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