6 Considerations – Choosing a Strain For an Indoor Micro Grow

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6 Considerations – Choosing a Strain For an Indoor Micro Grow

Choosing a Strain For an Indoor Micro Grow

Some say “micro-grows aren’t worth the effort, the risks are too high and the yields too low” but I say to hell with the naysayers. If done correctly, growing marijuana indoors with a micro grow setup can be both fun and fruitful. For small cabinet grows, grow tents, and stealth grow boxes, a successful harvest is often determined by a decision made before you even plant a seed. This decision is what strain of weed will you grow to produce the highest yield and quality. 

Many factors can influence cannabis strain selection but here are my top 6 points to consider.

Which Strain Family – Indica or Sativa

By their very nature, micro grows are limited by space so the height a plant will require is a big factor. My last grow provided less than 2 feet of space but it yielded quite nicely. If space is an issue in your growing area, indica strains will often work out better than sativa strains. Sativa plants tend to be larger, taller and they have more spacing between branches and buds which leaves valuable growing area unused. This makes Sativa strains less than ideal for growing in the spaces offered by micro grow cabinets and cupboards.



For most micro growers the main factor to consider is yield. Completing a micro grow can take just as many months as growing in a larger tent or outdoor grow but with such a small space you really need to maximize the yield. Mirco grows still require that you commit to having it grow inside your home or apartment for at least a few months. If you are going to go to that much trouble then you want to make sure you get the most “bang for your buck”.


If you are growing outdoors height is not usually a concern. You can plant and hope it grows as tall and as strong as possible to produce the greatest amount of flowers. In an indoor micro grow the height is usually restricted. In some cases you might only have a few feet to work with. Plants that grow short and fat are the desired choice. As mentioned before, you’ll find indica varieties more suited to this.

Flowering Cycle Length

Discretion is important for many people growing weed indoors. You’ve committed to love and care for this plant but that doesn’t mean you want it in your life forever. In most cases, for this reason, you will want a plant with a short flowering cycle. With a short flowering cycle you can set the light cycles to grow for a bit and then the cycle to flower for a couple of months. Some indica strains will fully flower in an little at 50 days while some sativa strains can take up to 5 months.


This criteria is really optional and can be pretty far down the list of priorities for selecting a strain. If you live in an apartment building then low odour can seem important and I would never tell you the opposite. You don’t want nosy neighbors getting a whiff of your grow every time you open the door. I say it’s low priority because there are ways to minimize the smell. For that reason, I always select for high yield before low odor. The best way to combat the smell and keep it minimal is to ensure the fan in your grow setup utilizes a carbon filter. If run properly, a carbon filter will completely eliminate the smell of cannabis as long as the grow area is sealed.

Personal Preference

One important thing that trumps all else, your personal preference. If your only option is a micro grow and you love Sativa, then that is what you should grow. Try to choose a Sativa with high yields and the quickest flowering period possible. The satisfaction you get out of smoking your own weed is worth a few trade offs.

Bonus! My Personal Choice

My situation is perfectly suited to indoor micro growing. Space is limited and due to the legalities in Australia, discretion very important. While I have grown all different varieties I do focus on strains that produce high yield with low heights. For that reason my favorite strain is… drum roll… Northern Lights! This is a classic indica strain with high yield, low height and a short flowering cycle.

There are so many strains that sometimes it seems impossible to choose but if you are going to grow indoors in a small space follow the outline above to guide your choice. Selecting the right strain can be the difference between flaming out or a bumper crop.

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  1. gore August 16, 2017 at 9:00 am -

    I love to get input from different parts of the world. We really are a global community.

  2. James September 8, 2017 at 4:10 am -

    Great post!
    I´m sure it would help people to choose the right strain.
    I prefer sativa too.
    Thanks for sharing