We are always looking for motivated, articulate and professional writers and authors, and we are paying each author $25-100 per post — depending on the length and quality of the delivered article. If you think that you have what it takes to be an MGHQ contributor contact us through the form below.

How to become a MGHQ author

Marijuana Growers HQ’s primary goal is to deliver top quality articles for growers all around the world. We welcome your participation and help to provide our readers with solid articles and useful insights!

Anyone can become a contributing author, but we need to be certain that you  can write, and posses a knowledge on the topics. Please tell us about yourself, your background, Include URL’s to article examples that might show your skills.

What we look for

It’s very important for us that you are genuinely interested in the topics you’re willing to write about. A single article is excellent, but a long-term cooperation is even better!

Articles don’t have to be long. What is important is that you have something to say or share. For example, our readers are interested in practical insights and valuable tips learned from your experience in the field.

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