Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors

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Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors

Dosatron offers a wide selection of injectors, and has been the standard in fertigation for 25 years. Regardless of your water situation, Dosatron makes a match for every outdoor marijuana grower. With dilution ratios ranging from 1:10 – 1:1000, these units can be easily adjusted to any rate you choose.  Dosatron units offer very precise mixing through what the company calls “volumetric dosing,” assuring accuracy even with line pressure or flow rate fluctuation. Dosatron technology is so precise it is used to administer medication to livestock.

A Dosatron unit should always be installed with a complete bypass so that you can run clean water through your lines without changing hose bibs. Dosatron ships their units with detailed installation steps that stipulate a 60 micron pre-filter be installed to protect the unit from any contamination.

The core of a Dosatron is basically a hydraulic pump.  Water flowing through the unit drives a piston up and down that generates suction and actuates valves, allowing concentrated fertilizer to enter the mixing chamber.  This process does reduce the overall flow rate of the water line, but eliminates the need for electrical components.  As complex as this may sound, it is really simple to operate and maintain.

The Dosatron unit makes a very distinct clicking noise as the piston cycles up and down.  The interval of this clicking is determined by the volume of water flowing through the unit. Greater flow rate increases the speed at which the unit injects, generating more clicks per minute.  Personally, I find the gentle voice of the Dosatron a reassuring indicator that the unit is working properly. For some, however, this sound could be a constant irritation or possibly even a security risk.

Dosatron injectors cost around $300, but you will need to purchase some additional PVC fittings to build a bypass.  Construction of a bypass is very simple: a few tee fittings, elbows, and gate valves are all you need.  These are available at your local hardware store.

An anti-syphon valve should always be used to prevent fertigation solution from entering your household plumbing.  This could be a danger if your water service were interrupted, allowing fertilizer stored in fertigation lines to enter your plumbing by syphon or gravity. 

I absolutely recommend Dosatron injectors for everyone growing marijuana outdoors and in greenhouses.  Nothing comes close to the accuracy and reliability of these units.  Proper delivery of fertilizer and water WILL improve the health and increase the yield of your plants.

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