Featured Outdoor Garden Updates

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Featured Outdoor Garden Updates

Since it has been a little while since our last update on Big Slugger, we thought we would start off with a little recap video from back in June of this year. This video was posted to our YouTube channel but we neglected to create a post here on the site.  This might be a good time to throw out a shameless plug and ask that you subscribe to our channel MarijuanaGrowersHQ on YouTube.

More Recent Garden Progress

Big Slugger

Sluggers crop of Blue Dream is now gigantic; these are the largest plants we have seen this year. He has recently installed the 3rd cages and the plants are in danger of growing together. The Blue dreams are demonstrating the typical long and stringy branching pattern we expected. Extensive caging is definitely required for these monsters. Like Ninja, Slugger administers synthetic fertilizers via a Dosatron driven fertigation system. His recipe is simple, Growmore 30-10-10, seasoned with a soluble seaweed product similar to Maxicrop.

Slugger has spent countless hours training, pruning and caging these plants, the result is a semi-stilted appearance similar to what indoor growers call lollipoping. At present, Sluggers plants have just begun to enter their first stage of fluorescence, and are starting to show early bud formation. It is unclear when Slugger will switch to Bloom food but we suspect it will be soon.


Ninja is growing 4 strains this year, fruitylicious, super skunk, purple widow, and purple diesel from clone. The skunks are by far the largest, but they are showing a lot more sativa characteristics than expected. Several emails to the seed vendors have indicated that this is normal but it still raises concern for Ninja. His purple diesels have become severely photofucked and their yield will reflect this, The purple widows, which Ninja sourced as seed from a local dispensary are showing several phenotypes but look promising. Ninjas Fruitylicious are growing more squat and wide than tall and indicate strong indica characteristics by their leafs.

Ninja has been feeding via Dosatron and drip, his fertigation regiment has been limited to synthetic foods, principally Urea. This seems to complement the balanced potpourri of organics mixed into the soil, both at the time of planting and several times administered as a top-dress throughout the season.


Phoenix has been experiencing some sort of problem with his crop of Maui. The plants are exhibiting wide spread issues that appear to be the result of a soil born disease or insect. The plants are yellowing and in extreme cases dropping major branches in an attempt to consolidate resources in the face of acute deficiencies. One hypothesis is that the water Phoenix uses may contain a pollutant, or have an unsuitable pH.

We have only been able to get up to the Phoenix garden one time sense our introductory video and contacting the grower is difficult at times. Perhaps choosing this garden as a feature was a bad idea, We’ll know more soon.

If you have any specific questions about these gardens we would be happy to discuss them in the comments. If your questions are more general in nature, please ask them in the forum.

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