Heating Mats and Soil Warming Cables

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Heating Mats and Soil Warming Cables

Do your marijuana seed starts or clones seem sluggish or slow to take off? Are they just not doing their thing? Are you using heating mats?

The temperature of the root zone can have a huge impact on a young plant’s growth. By simply placing a heating mat under a seedling tray, you can create the perfect root zone conditions for cuttings and seed starts. While established marijuana plants can handle a wider range in root zone temperatures, clones and seedlings will do much better with a root zone temperature of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In the past I have run pretty significant cloning operations and tried it both with and without heating mats. It has been my experience that clones will root in about half the time and with much higher success rates when a heating mat is used.

A root zone that is too cool will slow down your marijuana plants, but a root zone too warm can kill their fragile young roots and your plants along with them. A temperature controller takes the guessing and the worry out of the equation, taking environmental control to the next level by letting you select the exact temperature at the roots. If you are germinating seeds or taking cuttings to grow clones of your favorite female marijuana plants, a heating mat and temperature controller are tools you should seriously consider.

For those of you who want a jump-start on the season and head-high plants by spring, electric soil warming cables are an economical solution that works wonders. Warming cables can be used in indoor or outdoor gardens and can be placed in large pots, grow bags, planter boxes or directly in the ground. Be carefully not to damage them with a shovel and expect massive return on investment.

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