How We Review Strains

This is not your everyday marijuana strain review. We don’t bullshit our opinions or sugar-coat the results. Because we don’t sell seeds we have no agenda or reason to promote one strain above another. To prove to you our opinions are unbiased, we don’t even allow seeds banks to advertise on our site.

  • Each week the judges are provided with the selected marijuana strain to smoke for the week.
  • All judges have been issued a doctors recommendation for the use of medical marijuana to treat their chronic symptoms.
  • Every strain is tested by our friends at SC Laboratories so we know the levels of THCA, THC, CBN, CBDA, and CBD, as well as the moisture content and the percent of total active cannabinoids.  
  • Our judges evaluate the strains on a variety of levels ranging from taste and smell to its effectiveness as a medicine. 
  • Judges then rate the strain on a scale of 1 to 10 for each category followed by a written opinion of the strain.