IR Ninja’s 2012 Outdoor Grow

Rambo September 7, 2013 2
IR Ninja’s 2012 Outdoor Grow

Through Northern California’s blistering hot summer IR Ninja’s 25 Medicinal Marijuana plants grew big and strong. As summer turned to fall and the nights grew longer, the buds filled in and began to ripen. The nights grew cooler and the buds stacked on weight producing their sticky yields. His tallest plants grew over 12 feet tall and nearly as large in diameter. The new holes and the enlarged garden area rewarded IR Ninja with about 30% more yield than previous harvests. The Purple Widow plants produced the highest yield at about 4 pounds once they were dried, cured and manicured. While none did poorly the Purple Diesel produced the lowest average yield. The overall quality of the bud was pretty high for outdoor cannabis though it was never sent to a lab for a cannabinoid profile.

All in all I.R. Ninja reports that he is happy with the upgrades he invested in his garden. The additional space in the garden has exposed the lower branches of his plants to increased light and has made the plants easier to work around.

Now lets address the elephant in the room. This is the final video from IR Ninja’s 2012 Outdoor Grow and the 2013 harvest is only a little over a month away. So what the hell took us so long to post this video and why is it so short compared to the others? The garden wasn’t ripped off or raided by cops as some have suggested in the comments. It wasn’t devastated by mold or mildew or any natural disasters either. The garden was actually a success and harvest went without a hitch.

The delay in posting this final video for IR Ninja and the soon to follow Big Slugger video is entirely due to none of us at MGHQ having any free time. We don’t make a penny off this site and none of us grow marijuana for a living. We all have real jobs and lives away from MGHQ that take up the lion’s share of our time. This year one of us took a job out of state and has been grinding away behind a desk working ungodly hours. One of us has a newborn child and a third has been busy planning a wedding.

The video is short because we thought we had more quality video footage than we did. By the time we realized, the plants were harvested and there was nothing left to film. Some of our footage was low quality, some of it redundant. We aren’t pros at video, so it is what it is.

MGHQ is our hobby. We create these articles and videos because we love the topic and want to share our knowhow. When life gets busy other priorities sometimes have to take precedence over hobbies. We have tried our best to keep putting up articles when possible. The videos require all of our involvement and subsequently are the hardest to coordinate and the most work. None of us anticipated we would have so little free time this last year. If we had, we would not tackled this video project. We thank you all for your patience and apologize if some of you feel let down.

The final video for Big Slugger is in the works. It should be up shortly as well. Better late than never.

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  1. john November 5, 2013 at 8:30 am -

    This was a good video but the total weights have been excluded from them all, maybe intentional?

    • Rambo November 19, 2013 at 5:24 pm -

      very intentional