Lemon Kush

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Lemon Kush
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Lemon Kush is a beautiful and powerful cannabis landrace strain from the mountainous Chitral region of Pakistan about 200km north of Peshawar and 250km north east of Kabul. This region produces two primary phenotypes know as Chitral Kush. One, a very colorful often purple strain offered by Ace Seeds, and the Lemon Kush phenotype that predominantly produces a greener foliage and bud. Lemon Kush often produces high levels of the monoterpene Lemonene which gives it its distinct lemon odor and taste. In addition to the medicinal benefits from Lemon Kush’s robust cannabinoid profile, studies show that Lemonene has anti-cancer effects. Limonene increases the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxifying carcinogens. Limonene seems to promote the Glutathione S-transferase system in the liver and small bowel, thereby decreasing the damaging effects of carcinogens. Other studies demonstrated that dietary limonene reduced mammary tumor growth.


Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid – Unknown Ratio
Lineage: Pheno of Chrital Kush
Breeder: Landrace Strain – Breeder Unknown
Seed/Clone: Seeds and Clones
Seed Available Through: www.FemaleSeeds.nl


Lemon Kush had some admirers as well as a few detractors who thought the looks of their samples left a bit to be desired. Most of the reviews hovered towards the center of the pack describing Lemon Kush as looking slightly above average.

Dez described her sample as having “a nice brightly colored ferny green quality about it, with some tight little buds, run through with mango colored hairs, it’s quite pretty.” Jill was one of several who seemed to have a less dense bud and described her sample as, “slightly dark green fluffy and fuzzy green nugs with small amber hairs.”

Olga’s description seemed to most critical describing her sample as, “Leafy, blown out, loose buds. Discoloration of leaf material to a golden color. some parts are brown. No bright amber colors, mostly muted greens and gold. Yellow and gold crystals overall. The excess of leaf makes for an unappealing strain.”


While no one described Lemons Kush as smelling like lemons, interestingly, several of the reviewers noticed both a sweet and musty grass smell.

Shortcakes said, “I describe the smell as floral sweet with a touch of alfalfa.” Jess-has-MS seemed to pick up on a similar scent, “A stronger scent, with earthy, pleasantly musty tones mixed with sweet.” Mitchy suggested, “Very nice almost juniper smell tinges of skunk noted too.” Olga noticed “very light aromatics, grassy mixed with a sweet smell almost like licorice. I kept trying for more, but the smell was very faint.”


Some described the taste as harsh, others as smooth. Some thought it was bitter, some thought it sweet.

Mindhead found “a fruity melon flavor with sugary aftertaste.” Mitchy described it as “very nice taste, really smooth and was excellent with regards to expandable qualities once inhaled…citrus and mint mix.” Olga thought it had a “harsh, bitter but skunky flavor. Almost sweet at first, but finished strong and bitter like strong coffee.” Coyote said, “The strain initially burned tasted bitter followed by a sweet instant aftertaste that overrode the bitterness and lasted awhile.”


Many of our reviewers experienced a heady mental high accompanied by an uplifting happy feeling and recommended Lemon Kush for daytime use. On average the highs our reviewers experienced lasted between 1 and 3 hours, while 3 reported highs lasting 5 hours or longer. Surprisingly Jess-has-MS experienced no high at all.

Shortcakes reported, “the buzz was mentally thought provoking and amusing. Very nice.” Jill experienced, “a very happy head high with a slight body buzz.” Jackwagon said this about Lemon Kush. “I got an excellent uplifting high. It gave me energy and made me kinda giggly. It started with a heavy head high which wore off fairly quick and settled into the feel good mode. I was very relaxed.”


Many of our reviewers found Lemon Kush a helpful aid in treating pain symptoms but not as effective for sleep disorders like insomnia. Lemon Kush might not be an effective medicinal strain for everyone as two of our reviewers found no relief from their symptoms. That being said, 5 of the 14 reviewers found Lemon Kush gave them positive results for over 4 hours.

Jackwagon (liver failure) reported that, “this strain gave me lots of energy to overcome my fatigue. Seemed to stabilize my nausea fairly well also. It didn’t completely rid it but lessened it 60 to 70 percent.”

Mindhead (chronic pain & insomnia) told us, “this strain worked great for my symptoms, especially my back pain. Didn’t make me too tired so not as good for insomnia.”

Mitchy (fibroid tumors) said, “this strain was pretty effective in pain reduction and visible reduction of swelling in my hand.”

Cancer Survivor (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) told us, “the strain helped my particular symptoms of my body aches and headaches.”

Shortcakes (lupus and fibromyalgia) experienced, “sustained relief from pain and stiffness. Enhanced deep sleep.”

Water Goddess (severe menstrual pain) shared that, “I felt a pretty good amount of pain relief from this strain.”

Jess-has-MS (multiple sclerosis) shared a great account of her experience with Lemon Kush. “It took a few inhalations via vaporizer to begin to feel this strain working on my neuropathic pain. There was not a lot of relief, but enough to go to bed more comfortably than without it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to help with my insomnia. Felt some relief from neuropathic pain with the second inhalation. Pain relief, especially in my legs, was above average for the next couple of hours. There was a little help with my insomnia, though it did not last the entire night (more like 4 hours).”

Yimbo who is new to our strain review had some great results. “Really this strain helped make for a wonderful day. Was able to get a whole lot yard work done today with little to no pain symptoms, especially my back pain. Didn’t make me too tired so not as good for insomnia.”

Coyote who suffers from several conditions told us, “this strain was very relaxing and did lower my neuro-muscular pain slightly. This strain was good for sleep.”

Dez (arthritis & back pain) found relief telling us that, “Because it’s been cold out (arthritis), this strain worked pretty well. My fingers tingle a little, but not much pain, and my joints felt o.k. also, no pain in my hips or back either.

Interestingly, neither Jill (ADHD) nor Green Thumb (PTSD) or Olga (Cartilage & Ligament Damage) found Lemon Kush a particularly helpful in managing the symptoms from their conditions.

Side Effects

No serious side effects were reported. Jackwagon found Lemon Kush to be “very harsh on the throat.” Mindhead told us “slight anxiety began immediately after smoking, subsided in less than an hour.”

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THCA 20.6%
THC .4%
CBDA .04%
CBD 0%
CBN .1%

Total THC: 21%
Total CBD: .4%
Total CBN: .1%
Total Cannabinoids: 21.5%
Moisture Content: 11.2%

Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Maturation: End of September to mid October or 8 – 9 weeks
Height at Finish: Outdoor 6 feet
Yield: Indoor 500 grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor 2 pounds or more per plant.
Predisposition for pest and fungus: Medium to high resistance to Powdery Mildew and High resistance to Botrytis
Notes: Suitable for outdoors in temperate and cool climates.

Strain As Tested:


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  2. Matt July 3, 2014 at 8:24 pm -

    Great strain for depression and pain. I take a third of the pills i’m prescribed when i smoke three cigarillos of the lemon kush a day.
    The high for me is a really heavy high.. almost couch lock-like in a way. I would associate it with a sour diesel..