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Maui Wowie
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Legendary in its day as a commercial super strain, Maui Wowie shares a place with the likes of Panama Red and Acapulco Gold in the sativa hall of fame. Though an aging strain compared to many of the newer super hybrids, Maui is still a favorite among many growers in Northern California. A strong sativa strain, use of Maui is generally best for daytime use and often leads to munchies, manic fits of house cleaning or artistic inspiration. Because of its equatorial ancestry, Maui needs a long dry growing season to properly mature outdoor. When harvested early, Maui still produces huge harvests but of slightly less potent flowers. When allowed to grow to term, Maui Wowie produces American Football sized buds in abundance.

In the 60’s and 70’s most of the cannabis brought from the Sandwich Islands archipelago to the mainland was referred to as Maui Wowie. This makes tracking down the breeders and origin of Maui Wowie a bit difficult to trace. In California, Maui is a clone only strain and anyone claiming to have seeds will likely produce plants that are not typical of the popular clone genetics. While it hasn’t been confirmed, it is likely that the popular northern California version of Maui Wowie originated in the Hawaiian Islands.


Type: Sativa
Lineage: Hawaiian Sativa
Breeder: Landrace
Seed/Clone: Clone
Seed Available Through: Seeds Not Available


Though 11 of the 14 reviews assessed Maui as average looking or better, several of the descriptions stood out. Yimbo told us, “Nicely trimmed one gram bud. It is medium green to almost a golden on the inside when you break a piece off. The trichomes are very small, you have to look close but seem to cover every little piece of the nug. Very few orangish brown hairs.” Dez gave another great description. “This strain is colored green like a sage bush, with tons of bright carroty colored hairs and infused with tiny diamonds.” Olga told us this about her sample. “A single compact single gram, it is well made and looks gorgeous. It’s a light green with cascading orange hairs and dense crystallization. lots of crystals all up the stem when the bud was broken down.”


The scent of this Maui sample was generally well rated by our reviewers though several considered it less than noteworthy. Mitchy told us, “This one had an unusual blend of sweet, fruity and musty or earthy. Pleasant but unusual.” Dez seemed to find similar scents describing it as having, “…a dank, earthy quality to it, almost like moss or tree bark, but its still a pleasant smell.” Yimbo seems to have even guessed the strain based on his description, “It has a strong scent. Kinda makes me think I’m eating some fresh fruit in the forest next to the ocean.”

Others used these adjectives to describe the smell; a floral hay smell, spicy, light and fruity, earthy and musty mixed with a little sweet, burnt wood, salty sea grass, pine, lavender, sage, and cut grass.


Taste can be a difficult sense to put into words, hence the descriptions of Maui are all over the map. Jill found a “mellow piney taste with a hint of sweetness,” while Water Goddess thought it was “a little bit earthy… not as sweet as some.” Several described it as piney, while others noted, earthy, spicy, sweet and woodsy, and straw.

Olga gave us a great description that was definitely worth sharing. “Harsher on the exhale, but with a minty sweet flavor. It tasted like rosemary almost, with a very minty first flavor. Smooth even flavor, not too intense but very tasty. The first two tastes were great, but the strain was so strong you could taste it, so I had to wait to taste again. It was so much better after waiting a few minutes.”

Several described the strain as a bit harsh or burnt tasting. GreenThumb didn’t find anything that great about the taste. He told us “It tasted chalky and bland. There were not any real distinct aspects to the smoke. I found it not to be really good or bad. The smoke was relatively dry and smooth. I don’t think I coughed once.”


Most of our reviewers experienced heady uplifting highs one might expect from a sativa strain. Jackwagon told us, “I had a heavy head high that worked down to the body after about 15 minutes. gave me energy enough to get up and mow the lawn.” Yimbo reported, “Super floaty buzz. Total mood uplifter! One of those highs that makes everything funny. This is a strain I would look for if I was stressed out or depressed.” Mindhead said he experienced, “Strong buzz with rapid onset. Left me feeling amped and uplifted.” Mitchy said, “This one was a light and bubbly, it helped to focus my attention onto my paperwork, I had been feeling a little ill but was able to pull out of it thanks to it relieving my nausea.” Dez explained, “The high was strong and constant, almost like a focused high. I felt like sounds seemed louder and I felt really hungry.”

Interestingly, two experienced what sounded more like the effect of an indica. Green Thumb told us “I did not feel very high from this strain. It made me kind of tired and quiet. If you are into more downer effects from marijuana then you will like this plant. I personally like more upbeat and hyper strains.” Cancer Survivor shared, “the high was alright, more of an indica kinda feel to it with it making my head feel as light as a feather.”

We never know exactly how much of the one gram samples our reviewers smoke or vaporize, but compared to other strains Maui seems to have resulted in a slightly shorter high. 6 of the 14 reported the high lasted about an hour, while 3 remained high for 2 hours, and only 2 were still high after 3 hours. One person reported a high lasting 5 hours, while two reported that experienced no high at all.


It seems most of our reviewers either found Maui to be highly effective for their symptoms or not helpful at all. The individual reviews paint a very different picture than the average they produce. 3 of our 14 reviewers experienced relief for over 4 hours. Additionally, 3 said it helped for between 2 and 3 hours, 4 said it lasted only an hour, and 3 said it worked for under an hour or not at all. Here are their thoughts in their own words.

Cancer Survivor (Leukemia) reported, “This strain worked for me because I get headaches, my headache was gone instantly.”

Shortcakes (Lupus and Fibromyalgia) said, “The strain worked well to relieve the pain and stiffness from lupus and fibromyalgia, I slept very well too.”

Jill (ADHD) found some relief from her symptoms. “I was able to focus on my task at hand and it didn’t affect my concentration.”

Water Goddess (Severe Menstrual Pain) shared that she “…felt mild pain relief, as well as a mellow high.”

Yimbo (Pain) told us, “This strain worked great for my pain. I never even felt thought about it 10 min after smoking. Part of that was probably due to the giggles, my cheeks and abs were sore from laughing so much.”

Mindhead (Severe Back Pain) said it rapidly relieved his symptoms.

SurferK (Sleep disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression) said he was distracted from the pain.

Mitchy (Chronic Arthritic Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Fibroid Tumors) told us, “I noticed a moderate reduction in pain and stiffness, it also decreased the visible redness in the joints affected by my condition. In addition, I was feeling queasy when I tried it, and it totally alleviated the nausea.”

Dez (Arthritis, Back and Hip Pain, Contact Dermatitis) share with us, “This strain worked well for my symptoms, felt free of pain and discomfort, and no aches. This strains medical benefits lasted all day for me, only smoked in the morning before work, and that was all I needed till bedtime.”

Olga (Cartilage and Ligament Damage) had this to report. “Felt great after the strain kicked in, the physical benefits were a general easing of swollen tissue and ability to forget my pain for a while. The medical benefits lasted at least 5 hours. It had a great lingering buzz and I felt medicated for the entirety. I had increased appetite as well as mobility. I enjoyed a long walk with no stiffness and felt giddy.”

Three of our reviewers did not find satisfactory relief from their symptoms.

Green Thumb (PTSD) told us, “It calmed me down a little. It worked, but I ended up supplementing with some XJ-13…after two hours. I felt kind of tired from it as well…”

Jackwagon (Liver Disease) reported “it gave me a little energy, but didn’t seem to help my appetite at all.”

Jess-has-MS (Multiple Sclerosis) did not find relief from the Maui but told us, “The symptoms for which I use marijuana are the various sensations of central neuropathic pain (caused by MS) and insomnia caused by neuro-pain. This strain did not improve these symptoms.”

Side Effects

While only a few reported noteworthy side effects I feel it’s important to share as much data as possibly. Shortcakes told us, “..I experienced mild anxiety but it was fleeting.” Jill seems to have contracted the munchies, telling us, “I did become very aware of my hunger after smoking this strain.” Jackwagon told us it was “harsh on the throat,” while Surfer K seems to have had a very uncomfortable reaction. “I had a bad “allergic type” reaction resulting in coughing and tightness in the chest. At first I thought I was getting a cold, but the symptoms went away and returned when I smoked again. Maybe this strain just isn’t right for me.”

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THCA 14.5%
THC 1.6%
CBDA 0.5%
CBD 0%
CBN 0.1%

Total THC: 16.1%
Total CBD: .5%
Total CBN: .1%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 16.7%
Moisture Content: 8.1%

Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Maturation: 9 weeks indoor or early to mid October outdoor
Height at Finish: 8 to 12  feet outdoor
Yield: Indoor 650 grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor up to 7 pounds per plant.
Predisposition for pest and fungus: Grown outdoors, Maui’s dense buds and late maturation often lead to botrytis. This is also the case indoor when humidity reaches above 50%

Strain As Tested:

Indoor/outdoor: Outdoor
Medium: Organic rich soil
Veg time: 2 month pre-vegetation prior to outdoor
Maturation: September 25th
Height at maturation: 10 feet
Odor level: Minimal
Yield: 4 pounds per plant
Organic/Synthetic: Both
Fertilizers used: Organic soil amendments; blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal and others. Synthetic Solubles: Maxsea 16-16-16, 3-20-20
Notes: Due to unseasonably early rains, grower was forced to harvest slightly early.

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  1. transdimentional pimp November 13, 2012 at 8:36 am -

    total time warp.

  2. STEAMER March 24, 2013 at 2:47 pm -

    Well when Mike and I went to Hawaii back in maybe 70s we got a hold of some MWOWIE and some ELEPHANT Weed–I thought he maui was excellent and brought a ounce home under my feet with no socks on.They checked my luggage and not my feet. the wowie was excellent -made ma laugh a whole bunch–the elephant weed as this guy name smoky brought ajoint-a pinner–we got 2 small tokes a piece and were so high we decided to stay in hotel room and not try dinner down stairs.I am not sure whet it was but both kicked our butts.I have 2 of these maui wowie clones going now-I let one get real bushes pinching half the top so grows 2 buds and bushes.-I put in dard for 55 hours and it flowered in 3 days-I will get back in 7-9 weeks and give a report on clones maui wowie in san diego area. -Grow your own easy-150 watt hps-50 watt quad led-4 23 watt cfls and I got a ounce of last 2 month plant and budded for 2 months.Now I have 3 plants going in 2 by 2 ft. corner of bedroom. easy as kissing a beautiful lady Thia buds for uSteamer good grow luck.

  3. Sanman September 7, 2013 at 7:00 pm -

    If you want the real story on Maui Wowie, check out my website “” Lots of killer OG photos of the original Hana, Maui buds from the 70’s. that became known as “Maui Wowie”. As one of the original Maui growers, we thought the name was stupid. Most of the myths of Maui Wowie are BS.

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