Never Get Busted Again: Traffic Stops – DVD Review

Rambo July 25, 2014 2
Never Get Busted Again: Traffic Stops – DVD Review

Have you ever been pulled over? If you have, then you know the feeling of flashing lights in the rear view mirror. When you’re driving around with marijuana in the car, that feeling might be a little more intense. For those of you taking your chances driving around with A LOT of marijuana… Well, that is one of the most nerve racking adrenalin rushes ever. Facing felony drug charges for smuggling marijuana is not high on anyone’s bucket list.

Never Get Busted AgainIf you are going to drive with cannabis, then you probably want to learn a few things to minimize the risk. You’re going to want a great teacher, someone who really knows what they are talking about. I would choose a cop, maybe one with K9 and narcotics experience. Lucky for us I found one for sale on the internet.

Barry Cooper is that teacher and his DVD “Never Get Busted Again” is going to school you on how NOT to land your sexy little ass behind bars with Bubba and his other lonely friends. As a decorated Texas Narcotics Interdiction Officer and drug sniffing dog trainer, Barry’s busted people like us more times than he can count. He’s knows what cops look for, what works to fool them, and what doesn’t. Buy his DVD and he’s happy to share what he knows.

At some point Barry realized that he was putting a lot of good people in jail, splitting up families, and ruining lives. He’ll tell you all about it, trust me. Some might ask if Barry is just trying to make a buck or if he is really one of us? It doesn’t matter to me., nor should it to you. I want to know what he knows and I can’t blame him for wanting to pay his bills.

So, what do you really get for your hard earned money? Barry explains how drug sniffing dogs are trained and how they work. He discusses what they are capable of and talks about their shortcomings. He also talks about false positives and how dishonest cops can manipulate dogs if they suspect you.

Concealing your stash is discussed at length and he’ll give you pointers on concealing marijuana intended for personal use. While Barry doesn’t talk much about hiding large loads of cannabis, he does show you how they get caught. Trust me, if you have half a brain those lessons will come in handy if you want to haul your harvest.

Not only does Barry talk about concealing cannabis from sight but also smell. He lays waste to myths about dogs and odor that surprised the hell out of me. Did you know dogs can actually smell cannabis sealed in plastic then surrounded by gasoline? Believe me; he’s got a few things he can teach us. He also explains how odors can be transferred from fingertips and how easily that can trigger dogs.

What really surprised me was how in-depth he gets about profiling. Cops are suspicious about literally everything. Not a car passed that he couldn’t profile and find some category of criminal to put them in. Lord help us.

Never Get Busted Again: Traffic StopsNever Get Busted Again” goes on to discuss search and seizure and the difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause. He talks about giving permission to search and what to do if you are pulled over and arrested. There is also quite a lot of grainy but interesting dash-cam footage of his traffic stops. Barry goes through them play by play and gives you a peek into the mind of a cop.

Let’s be honest, most people who drive around with drugs on them don’t get caught. It’s not because they are particularly smart. Usually it’s just because they get lucky and don’t get pulled over. Even if the odds are low, trust me, you really don’t want to be on the nightly news. Do yourself a favor and be cautious.

The Good:

The information in this DVD is priceless. Burn it into your brain. Watch it over and over or once a week for a year. Know this stuff and don’t get lazy with it, EVER, EVER, EVER. As a bonus Barry sports a rocking hairdo that’s fun to look at.

The Bad:

You have to listen to Barry’s diatribes that sometimes seem to go on and on. Working in this industry you get used to characters. The video quality is overall pretty poor, but it’s good enough to present the information effectively.

So here is the real question, is Barry Cooper’s “Never Get Busted Again” worth watching?  Hell yes it is! It may save you from getting arrested and time in jail. Buy it, watch it, learn it, live it. It’s worth the money.

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  1. john plato March 15, 2015 at 10:52 pm -

    Its illegal for a cop to search closed mail in the us so theres your concealment method.

    • Rambo March 19, 2015 at 8:14 pm -

      I’m not entirely sure you are correct. They may need a search warrant or reasonable cause but they can and certainly do open mail. I should also point out that just because they are cops does not mean they never do anything illegal.