Plans For A Large Medical Garden

Rambo March 7, 2012 3
Plans For A Large Medical Garden

Marijuana growers are always looking for ways to improve their yield. Recently we were contacted by a grower who was planning a complete garden overhaul. He invited us to his garden to document some of the exciting changes. Our host, who we will call I.R. Ninja has a nice little medicinal garden measuring approximately 35’x40’. He has grown in this area for a few years now, but has decided that it is time to expand.  

The History of I.R. Ninja

First Year

Over the years I.R. Ninja has kept a photo journal of his garden that helps him keep track of how different methods have worked for him. After reviewing the images from years past, we have a fairly clear picture of why he wants to expand.

The first year, I.R. Ninja kept things very simple. In this picture he has planted in very shallow troughs cut into the native soil. The troughs were then back filled with a bulk soil mix comprised largely of ‘top soil’. Irrigation was kept simple, ½” poly line was used with one adjustable stake sprayer per plant. The garden was then fenced using t-posts and reed fencing. I.R. Ninja reports that this arrangement yielded reasonably well and he remembers this year in particular as being a success.

Second Year

I.R. Ninja’s second year started off strong. He had done very well the year before and had put into practice all of the knowledge he gained from years of research. Emboldened by this success, I.R. Ninja was eager to try some new things, including a new caging technique he had dreamt up.

Gopher Damage

Despite his carefully laid plans, things went a bit awry. I.R. Ninja was nearly eaten out of house and home by subterranean rodents. He bought everything they had at the hardware store to combat gophers, but to no avail. It seamed there would be no stopping the onslaught of what must have been legions of gophers. Imagine Bill Murray in Caddy Shack. These lessons were taken to heart and by the following year I.R. Ninja had devised a plan to keep his medical garden free of gophers.

Above Ground

I.R. Ninja took his garden above ground. He built 4’x4’ boxes and fastening fine screen across the bottom. His garden was now gopher proof, at least in theory. I.R.Ninja grew in these boxes for 2 years, but they had their limitations. The boxes were too small and the decreased planting area severely impacted his yields.  

I.R. Ninja’s Proposal

This year, new plans have been made and blueprints drawn. We will witness the merging of two garden styles. I.R. Ninja wants to go back to growing in the ground, only this time, things will be different. The lessons learned from previous years pave the way, I.R. Ninja wants his plants to enjoy large, gopher free holes. He’s tired of messing around and is ready to follow this plan to the end. So here is the details:

The Plan

  1. Expanded garden size, roughly twice the size as before
  2. Large holes, 1-1 ½ cubic yards, 5’x5’x2’
  3. More spacing between plants, 11 foot on center
  4. All new soil
  5. Improved irrigation and fertilizer mixing equipment
  6. ¼” galvanized, welded wire liners for each hole

These improvements will be quite the undertaking. The excavation alone mean the removal of over 35 cubic yards of native soil. New land will need to be cleared and new fencing built. Does I.R. Ninja have the wherewithal, funding and courage to follow these plans to the end? Find out in our upcoming video presentation.

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  1. the american bud March 9, 2012 at 11:00 pm -

    I have experienced growing pains too. It is that time of year though and I have my moms started,clone trays ready and I am clearing brush already! This year the holes will be deeper and I am using a time realease fertilizer as well as adding a thick layer of home made compost to the middle of the hole. This should supply a good boost right around August. I have seen the big plants in the emerald triangle and was wondering how growers get them tu bush like t hey do? Is it as simple as topping? I was also curious about caging and the effect it has on opening bud sites.
    Any advice would be most appreciated. I am subscribed to your youtube channel and loves your videos. Any chance of getting video lessons on growing out doors?
    Keep up the great work I love what you are doing

  2. gore March 10, 2012 at 10:49 am -

    @ the american bud,

    When it comes to getting those big bushy plants, it helps to have some experience with the strain to begin with. One of my favorite strains should NEVER be topped it already has an overwhelming urge to grow into a bush monster. Other strains need topping, caging and training. Starting with monster holes is a great way to grow large plants too.

    So, now that the season is beginning our content will take a dramatic shift towards outdoor grows. We will be featuring several large outdoor gardens and follow them throughout the season with tutorials and status updates.

    Your going to see tutorials on drip systems, caging, pruning/thinning, and just about every aspect of outdoor gardening. So stay tuned!

  3. dan February 4, 2013 at 6:10 pm -

    Great show