Pruning Marijuana: Slugger’s Grow Room

kram January 12, 2012 2
Pruning Marijuana: Slugger’s Grow Room

Recently we were invited to check out Big Slugger’s indoor medical marijuana garden in northern California.  When we arrived, we found him hard at work pruning and thinning out the lower branches of his plants. As we brought along the camera, and did not want to look aimless, we decided to start recording video before he put us to work.

Since pruning is one of those basic skills every grower should master, we thought we would give you all a little demonstration–just in case anyone could use some pointers.  We did not want the video to stretch on forever; so we omitted  much of the theory behind the practice.  We hope you enjoy this little peek into Slugger’s grow room, and this demonstration on pruning marijuana plants.

After we left Big Slugger’s place, we discussed how he may encounter a problem with plant height. Blue Dream has a tendency to double her height while flowering. If our predictions are correct, these plants are going to be hitting the lights by the time they are ready to harvest. Only time will tell. So we will be checking back with Slugger in about nine weeks to see how he did.

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  1. Chuck July 8, 2013 at 7:36 am -

    I’ve noticed that this also aides in pest control. As some times spider mites hide in the lower leafs an those are hard to hit with neam oil or azamax

  2. dave September 12, 2013 at 10:26 am -

    this is exactly what i’ve been doing with my blue dreams and some of my friends have warned me NOT to do this stating that it stresses the plants to much and reduces the flow of nutrients. which i disagree with because the way i see it is ( if it can’t get light it can’t grow) duhhhh and my plants are doing quite well.i also prune out most of the lower branches and use them for clones and my plants are doing just fine so i’m going to show this video to my friends and tell them to go fuck themselfs and then we’re gonna go drink some some beer and fire up a bowl or two. lol after all what are friends for right??? hahahahh