Devil Dez

Age: 40
Sex: Female
Primary Medical Conditions: Arthritis, Lower Back and Hip Pain, Contact Dermatitis

Hello, my name is Dez. I am married and have two children. I used to show horses professionally when I was younger, and I’ve worked since the age of fifteen.

I have several medical condition that I treat with cannabis

# 1. Broken Left Elbow (age 5) – Reset wrong = Arthritis
# 2. Broken both wrists and a few fingers on each hand (ages 12 – 22) = Arthritis. When my Arthritis acts up there is no way you can describe the pain fully. Shooting, stabbing pains in just certain parts of my hands and elbow. I can tell when the weather is changing, because I can feel it in my hands. It is constant pain.
# 3. Subluxation of Sacrum (Sacroiliac Joint) = dislocation of hipbones. Car accident – 2000
# 4. Sacroiliac Sprain/Strain = Fluid/Swelling – same accident. – Lots of discomfort and pain and a lot of limping.
# 5. Contact Dermatitis – Severe allergic reaction to hair dyes and chemicals. = Skin rashes that itch and bleed, swelling, and tiny blisters all over = Always in my bloodstream, gets triggered all the time.

The doctors prescribed Vicodin, Darvocet, and Soma for my lower back and hip pain after the car accident in 2000. I ended up being allergic to the Vicodin and couldn’t function with all the other stuff. I also have to only buy fragrance free, no perfumes or dyes, Dermatologist tested products for my skin condition (Contact Dermatitis).

I haven’t used a pain pill in about 12 years, and I can function well on my feet all day for my job, with just the use of cannabis. About once a year I might try a muscle relaxer if the pains unbearable, but I prefer just the cannabis. It has helped me tamper down the pain in my hips and lower back, and helps my pain in my hands mostly when they act up. As for the dermatitis, it takes my mind off of the constant itching and irritation.

I’ve used cannabis on and off for 25 years, I tried it as a teen, and didn’t enjoy it at all. Then I tried it again in my twenties and enjoyed it, and that was just a toke here or there. I only really started using it after my accident in 2000. Since then I probably go through about 3.5 grams a week, and I usually smoke it with a pipe, sometimes a joint, and occasionally a baked good. I try to smoke about three times a day, before work, after work, and near bedtime.