Age: 35
Sex: Male
Primary Medical Conditions: Severe Back Pain

I am a sales professional who is happily married and I have a 3 1/2 year old son. I am quite active and love to hike in my free time. I love to travel and to spend time with family.

About 15 years ago I was involved in a side collision car accident. I was a passenger in a small vehicle and the passenger side wheel well was struck by a larger camper truck. Both airbags were released and the car was sent into a tailspin. I felt no instant trauma from this accident and wasn’t treated for anything. 15 years later I go to a chiropractor for back pain I have been experiencing for the last 10 years. A large bone spur was found on my spine, likely caused by this trauma according to my doctor. I was put into physical therapy and nothing has worked in those regards. The pain goes all the way from my sciatic to my neck and flares up from time to time. I have numbness in my right quad which is likely due to nerve damage. I had also found that marijuana helped my sleeping disorder. At one point I was not able to get to bed without a sleeping pill and now I no longer have this issue. All in all the marijuana has given me peace of mind and is a valuable tool in my recovery process.

In the past during severe flare-ups my doctor had given me Vicodin in order to decrease swelling and help with the pain. This helped significantly but also gave me the desire to take much more Vicodin than I was willing to take. I know there are several side effects and risks of addiction with that medicine.

Once I found medical marijuana it has changed my life. Cannabis give me what I had been desperately looking for, the ability to live day to day with little or no pain, Since I discovered cannabis as a medicine I have used cannabis almost daily.

I use cannabis approximately 2 times a day typically with a vaporizer but at times I use a water pipe. When feeling more intense pain I add some hash for the additional kick.