Age: 54
Sex: Male
Primary Medical Conditions: Pain from “Surf Knot’ and Viral Outbreaks

I am 54 in very good health, married, and live in Santa Cruz County. I have surfed for 30 years. I have two grown children and lead an active life. I give thanks to the Lord for marijuana, and no longer live in shame or fear of arrest.

I have an occasional viral outbreak where Vicodin is prescribed and suffer from a “Surf Knot” that is agitated and swells every week and always after surfing. In both conditions burning or throbbing pain occurs for hours if not treated. I have had both of these conditions for over 25 years.

Hydrocodone works but has side effects. I am prescribed two of these opiates “three times day as needed for pain”. However, what my Doctor finally told me…”if you take more than two-a-day, you will be constipated”.

Advil, prescribed three times a day.

I have substituted alcohol by itself to help relieve the pain and have found I can reduce the Vicodin (Hydrocodone) by taking half of one pill with a glass of wine. I also have reduced the drinking of alcohol and use a THC rub.

I now rarely use Hydrocodone. My marijuana usage has reduced the use of prescription drug significantly. Another thing I recommend is a THC “jelly medicated rub”. I did not believe the Doctor when he told me it would work on my surf knot. After using it now over ten times I found it works every time, like an Advil.

Fortunately, there has been a reduction of alcohol and Hydrocodone use.

I have used cannabis for forty years off and on. I have usually smoked joints over the years. Currently I smoke maybe 1/2 of a joint a day usually in a pipe. It can be common that I also go for weeks without use. I have successfully used the THC jelly rub now for almost one year with outstanding results.