Age: 37
Sex: Male
Primary Medical Conditions: Pain, Addiction

Hi. I’m a happily devoted husband and father. I enjoy sports, cooking, and hanging out with family and friends.

19 years ago I broke both feet. One was a compound fracture of the second metatarsal which required a metal plate and four screws. On the other foot I broke the fifth metatarsal, which need a 2.5 inch screw to be put back together. This made it really easy to become addicted to pain killers. I did and still experience pain from mild to extreme when getting out of bed in the morning and after my long commute home.

While recovering I was proscribed Vicodin, Diazepam, Hydrocodine. All worked at alleviating pain but I found myself unable to function at home or work, and with a desire or need to take more and more pills, even though I knew it was spiraling out of control.

With cannabis I have been able to eliminate all other drugs. With better control of dosage I need to deal with pain at the time, I no longer walk around like a zombie all day. My sales career started to take off after I got off the pills.

I smoke approximately 4 grams of cannabis each week. Daily I use anywhere between a couple of puffs to a bowl in the morning and evening usually from a bong or pipe.