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Trainwreck was originally a nearly pure sativa strain known for its heady euphoric effects. As medicine, Trainwreck is often characterized as having muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties. The origins of the trainwreck strain are not certain, though several contradictory stories are in circulation. The most likely version pegs it as a Thai and possibly Mexican sativa first introduced in Humboldt near the scene of a real train wreck sometime in the 1960’s. While seeds of the original strain vanished some time back, Trainwreck persisted as a clone only strain. Greenhouse Seeds currently offers Trainwreck feminised seeds reported to be from these genetics.


Type: Sativa Dominant
Lineage: Thai x Mexican Sativa
Breeder: Unknown
Seed Available Through Greenhouse Seeds


As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This strain received a varying degree of praise and criticism from our reviewers. Olga says: “You can tell by the first glance this is a beautifully grown and attractive strain. The dense single gram nugget is pale green with consistent crystallization overall. Trimmed and cured very well. No excess leaf matter. A light green stem, with sparse dark orange hairs.” In a contrasting opinion Mitchy thought it looked small and dry compared to what she is accustomed.


Overall our reviewers felt that Trainwreck had a sweet pine or woodsy smell with a hint of fruitiness, or perhaps lemon and mint. The general consensus of our reviewers was that Trainwreck had a mild smell and that it was not terribly odorous. SurferK writes: “It has a distinct medicinal smell with green apple and citric overtones. It seems to have a turpentine essence rather than Pine. It reminds me of the resinous smell when getting my surfboard glassed. This is not something I grew up with in the 70’s, this is clearly medicinal grade and that is obvious with the first whiff.


Taste and smell often go hand in hand. In this case that seems to be true once again. Our reviews comments on the taste seem to echo their opinions on this strains smell. Woody pines, with lemon and mint. Olga had to test drive Trainwreck with both a vaporizer and a hand pipe just to be sure. She writes, “I had to try this in both my vape and a hand pipe. In the vape, .1 grams created a sweet and sensual light flavored vapor. It was so crisp, like a granny smith apple, but with the exhale brought up a skunky flavor. In the hand pipe the thick smoke still had the same sweetness and less skunk. Very good flavor.


Judging the potency of marijuana is often difficult, especially when it’s being used as a medicine. The lines of potency and effectiveness started to blur a little.  Generally this strains effects should last between 2-4 hours with more reviewers saying they felt the effects for more than three hours.

The effects of this strain presented an array of opinions. Often the comments were positive saying it was not a high that made you terrible sleepy. This may be a good strain for those needing to medicate during the day. Mindhead said this about Trainwreck: “Very lucid high providing great relief. Not a huge body high but gave me a great uplifting feeling. Not overly tiring.” Jill had a similar reaction saying: “It was mostly a head high, but it made me a little energetic.

Not everyone’s opinions were the same. A few people had quite the opposite results. JD said this strain made him “too stupid to work“, and Coyote felt that the buzz dissipated soon after the initial hit of the strain.


This section is probably the most interesting part of the review. Our 14 reviewers all suffer from very different medical conditions. As such, their opinions about the strain vary greatly.

9 out of 14 reviewers indicated that they would recommend this strain to others. Let’s look at those responses first.

Green Thumb, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) indicated that the strain had lasting effects with a “residual after-glow” after only a half bowl.

Jackwagon who has end stage liver disease, rated Trainwreck high across the board saying he experienced a great medical improvement with this stain. He also said this strain provided 2-3 hours of relief and would be great for night time use as it promotes sleep.

JD has type two diabetes, and although he said it made him “too stupid to work” he still recommended it because it provided him with all day relief without any nausea.

Jill has ADHD, and indicated that the medical benefits lasted about an hour, and made her feel energetic. It also helped her by countering the side effects of Ritalin that cause a loss in appetite.

Mindhead has severe back pain and said he felt the medical benefits of this strain for a full 4 1/2 hours. He too gave this strain high marks, stating that the buzz from this strain was “very lucid high providing great relief. Not a huge body high but gave me a great uplifting feeling. Not overly tiring.”

Mitchy has chronic arthritic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibroid tumors. She indicated that she experienced about 2 hours of relief from the pain and swelling.

Olga suffers from cartilage and ligament damage. She reported having “4 hours of solid benefits, and two hours of slightly diminished medical benefits. I medicated with a vape slowly in the first hour. After about twenty minutes I felt the effects really kick in. I felt limber and happy. As the physical feelings wore off the positive mental feelings did not diminish. Even 6 hours after medicating I still have mild anti-inflammatory effects.

SurferK suffers from sleep disorders, chronic pain, and depression. He reported medical benefits lasting for “hours” he did not specify how many, but since it’s plural it has to be more than one.

Water Goddess suffers from severe menstrual pain, and strongly recommended this stain. She felt pain relief for 2-3 hours and was happy to feel that she was able to do her usual things and wasn’t lethargic.

That leaves 5 reviewers who were not satisfied enough with this strain to recommend it. Cancer Survivor, Coyote, Devil Dez, Jess-has-MS, and Shortcakes all felt that the strain did not last long or provided no relief at all. A few reported that this strain gave them a slight headache, although it was unclear if this strain had anything to do with it.

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THCA 16.25%
THC 0.3%
CBN 0.02%
CBDA 1.56%
CBD 0%

Total THC 16.5%
Total CBD 1.6%
Total CBN 0%
Total Active Cannabinoids 18.1%
Moisture Content: 8.31%

Typical Growing Traits

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Both
  • Maturation: 9 Weeks or Early October
  • Height at Finish: Tall
  • Yield: Indoor 700 grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor 2 pounds or more per plant.
  • Predisposition for pest and fungus: None
  • Notes: Branchy plant with vine-like growth often requires full support. Ideal for SCROG

Strain As Tested

  • Indoor/outdoor: Indoor

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  1. 45YearToker May 7, 2012 at 11:20 pm -

    Good review. Nice work. A suggestion, though, that I think would make the reviews even more interesting, would be to have a cannabinoid profile taken before the reviewers sample the meds and published along with their reviews. It would be interesting to see how they react to different percentages of THC & CBD without knowing the percentages before sampling. Of course, I realize this creates a cost issue. Maybe a deal could be made with a lab in exchange for advertising. Just a thought.

  2. Rambo May 8, 2012 at 12:23 am -

    Thanks for the suggestion but we actually beat you to this one. Check out the Lab Results Tab. Our reviewers know nothing about the samples they are testing, but all the strains in our review are lab tested.

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