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This strain is believed to have been developed in connection to California’s famous Oaksterdam University. In the 2011 clone catalogue issued by Oaksterdam, XJ-13’s origin was listed as ‘Garden Rescue’. What we know is that XJ-13 is the result pollinating a G-13 cutting with a Jack Here.

We contacted Oaksterdam University in an attempt to find out more about this unique strain. Prompted by a recent raid by federal officers, Oaksterdam has been forced into some major changes. Among these has been the release of those who worked directly with genetics. David Abernathy of Oaksterdam University directed me to Blue Sky Coffee Shop to find out more about this strain, but at the moment their number is unlisted. It would seem that for the time being the details of XJ-13 remain shrouded in mystery.


Type: 80% sativa 20% indica
Lineage:  Jack Herer x G-13
Breeder: Unknown
Seed/Clone: Clone
Seed Available: No


Xj-13 tends to produce large colas, the samples provided to our reviewers were gram sized nuggets broken from one of these large flowers. The samples remained true to the breed’s standard of producing tight buds that were light in color and covered in delicate layer of small trichomes. In most cases, XJ-13 failed to excite our judges on looks alone.

Jess-has-MS describes her sample, “Lots of shades of green, from sage to emerald, with a few big leaves. Fewer visible trichomes, crystals seem smaller to me, too”.


Attempts to identify, and name the smell of this unique strain produced a buffet of replies. Descriptions ranged from “Redwood tree grove”, to minty. The most common adjective used by our reviewers was “skunk,” but at the same time no one seemed content using just this one word to explain the flowers odor.

XJ-13’s aroma sent Olga’s olfactory scenes on a journey that she described as “A pungent sweet smell, like fermenting fruit with a tiny hint of eucalyptus. The smell is unlike many, and hard to explain but it almost smells like walking through a forest after the rain. Definitely piney, but a sweet floral scent underneath it.”


Taste is often as difficult to describe as smell. With several exceptions, our reviewers were  not impressed with the taste of XJ-13. While never described as harsh, most reviews describe the smoke as tasteless, mild, and bland.

The taste description given by Dez (arthritis) literally had me laughing out loud, “This strains taste reminds me of being around a campfire and everything tastes like BBQ smoke.”


Most of our reviewers agreed on potency, as it would appear, XJ-13 tends to deliver a comforting high that resides predominantly in the head. Two of our testers mention a very positive sense of well being punctuated with silly giggles, and an improved sense of humor. Seven of the reviewers experienced a high that lasted between one and two hours. Mindhead, Jackwagon, and Mitchy reported that the high lasted more than 4 hours. Interestingly Coyote and Water Goddess reported a high that lasted less than an hour, and Jess-has-MS reported that she did not feel any high at all from the strain.

Jackwagon who suffers from end stage liver failure went as far as to say,”I laughed my ass off, what a head and body high..great strain. I’ll stay inside for a while though.”


With only two exceptions everyone enjoyed their experience with this strain, but only half thought they would recommend XJ-13 for others with the same conditions and symptoms. It appears that XJ-13 is suitable for treating a wide assortment of symptoms but certainly not all. The data surrounding sleep disorders is particularly conflicted, providing excellent relief for some, and none for others. It is hard to label this strain suitable for any single condition due to these conflicting reports.

GreenThumb who uses cannabis to treat his PTSD had this to say, “… a very light effect on my cognitive functions and a great effect to my mood. This product made me feel very calm and confident, just kind of happy. I really enjoyed it.”

Jess-has-MS who treats her Multiple Sclerosis with cannabis found only minimal benefit. She reported “This strain only mildly affected my neuro-pain symptoms. There was no “ahhh!” of relief from my legs, just a mild calming nerves. It was not sedating and did nothing for my difficulty sleeping during the night.”

One of the more inspiring reviews came from Mindhead who used XJ-13 to treat his severe back pain. He told us that, “Pain was reduced dramatically and almost instantaneously.”

Mitchy who suffers from chronic arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibroid tumors reported some solid results. “I noticed a reduction in the swelling and redness about ten minutes after using this strain. I achieved about 50% reduction in symptoms after about 20 minutes.”

Olga who treats her cartilage and ligament damage with cannabis had mixed results. “I noticed a slight change in mobility but no exceptional improvement. I had been sitting a while and didn’t have any stiffness when I went to get up. Other then that, it had a nice mental buzz which always aids in the forgetting of pain. I felt an overall sense of relaxation which was very enjoyable.”

Side Effects

Our reviewers rarely report report side effects from marijuana. This is likely because these effects are minor and rarely discomforting. It is for this reason that we feel it is important to list any and all side effects reported by our panel of reviewers.

In this case we had only 2 reports of side effects, Coyote (Fibromyalgia) experienced a slight headache as the high began to wear off, and Surfer K made passing mention of a bad aftertaste.

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THCA: 16.17%
THC: .73%
CBDA: 1.84%
CBD: 0%
CBN:  .1%

Total THC: 16.9%
Total CBD: 1.8%
Total CBN: .1%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 18.8%
Moisture Content:  8.48%

Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Maturation: 8-9 weeks
Height at Finish: Tall
Yield: Heavy
Predisposition for pest and fungus: None

Strain As Tested:


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  1. Marijuana Strains December 5, 2012 at 3:20 pm -

    This is such a great variety of marijuana. Jack Herer and G13 are both known for their incredible potent up head highs. This strain shows the best qualities of both strains. Such a treat to smoke.

  2. TCnDN May 23, 2013 at 11:27 am -

    After growing out several strains to find the one worth growing for MMJ we have found that XJ13 is a unique strain no one seems to have and that makes it worth growing not to mention it is quite a dumper with massive Trichomes…of course my skills are probably why people call me the XJ guy…this strain is everything you could hope for as a grower but also is the favorite smoke of many of our friends and associates in the MMJ community.