Advertising Opportunities

Are you interested in advertising on Marijuana Growers Headquarters? If so that’s great! We are always looking for top notch advertisers that wish to target their advertising budgets to a group of niche customers. MGHQ has members from around the globe with our primary audiences in the United States and Europe. If you wish to make the most of your advertising dollars then MGHQ is a great place to advertise.


We currently provide space for two popular advertising units. We have 125×125 and 250×250 square ad units in the sidebar. We also have a 468×60 full banner in the header of the site adjacent to our logo. If your not familiar with these ad units please see the references below.

125×125 square

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468×60 Full Banner

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Product Reviews

If you have a product that you would like reviewed by our professional staff? Great we would love to review your product. Please note that we plan to tell our readers exactly what we think of your product. After all we want our readers to trust our reviews. If you have a great product—and I am sure it is—then we will review favorably. However, if your product isn’t up to par we will have to say so. A paid review is not a guaranteed positive review. It is however, a guaranteed thorough review. Submit your product for review here

The kitchen sink

We plan to support other advertising opportunities in the future. However, if your interested in something not listed above feel free to contact us with your request. We have a sophisticated advertising system and able to accommodate many different requests.