Strain Review Participant Application

Thank you for applying to participate in our strain review. This review is intended to help others learn what strains might work best for their specific medical conditions and symptoms. If selected, your reviews and biographical information will be published online for others to learn from. Your identity will be protected with the alias of your choice. Please be careful not to disclose any information you do not want published. We appreciate your honest and articulate answers to all of the questions on this application.

We are looking for participants with a wide range of medical conditions ranging from Cancer, AIDS, MS, Chronic Pain, Sleep Disorders, etc.

The less we need to clarify and edit your reviews the better. Because of this, your ability to write your thoughts clearly and use correct English will be evaluated.

Those selected will need to pick up a 1 gram sample each week from Granny Purps. The completed review form must be submitted online no later than close of business every Sunday. If you will not be available to participate in a review, please let us know at least 1 week in advance so that we can arrange a replacement.

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