How to Clean Up Cannabis Resin

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How to Clean Up Cannabis Resin


I just finished making a batch of cannabis infused oil and I am trying to clean up the mess. I used my coffee grinder to grind up the dried buds before adding them to the oil. How do I get the resin from the cannabis out of my coffee grinder and off my hands?


For general cannabis cleanup, most any cooking oil can be used to loosen up the resin. You can then clean up the oil with warm water and a good degreasing soap like dawn.

If you are trying to remove resin from something that shouldn’t get wet, like your cell phone, it’s probably not a good idea to use soap and water. Instead use Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for removing resin.

When trimming I suggest using a small cup of rubbing alcohol to soak your fiskars in while you rotate through several pair. For cleaning up kitchen, trimming machines or other working surfaces, I fill a squirt bottle with rubbing alcohol and use that to mist what needs cleaning. Let it soak for a few seconds then wipe up the marijuana residue paper towel before the alcohol evaporates.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean your hands but over time it will dry out your skin. Consider rubbing your hands with coconut oil after cleaning with rubbing alcohol. This will help protect your skin and the oil will help to break down any remaining resin.

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