Age: 25
Sex: Female
Primary Medical Conditions: Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)

I recently moved to Santa Cruz after graduating from college. I enjoy staying active and staying fit. My favorite activities include romantic long walks on the beach, watching horrible chick flicks, jumping my horse, going to the gym, Pilates, hiking, karaoke, and BBQing with friends.

In November 2009 I suffered from a horrible accident which resulted in a 3 month stay in ICU followed by another 3 months in a Neuro Rehab unit. My diagnosis was Septic Shock from a Streptococcus bacteria infecting my entire body. In ICU, one of my main arteries in my right leg burst when they were putting in an IV. The only way they could stop the bleeding was by using a large pressure machine that applied A LOT of pressure to my leg. They saved my leg, but I have Neuropathy (serious nerve damage). The nerves are slowly regenerating themselves and the feeling is slowly coming back, but it is extremely painful. I also have a “drop foot” meaning I can’t lift my foot up. I have to wear a brace to work out.

I have been prescribed a number of medications. Even the ones that work have serious drawbacks.

NORCO – Pain management. Works but is addictive and hard to function on.
LYRICA – Is supposed to help with nerve pain though I haven’t noticed a difference

Cannabis helps me forget that I am in pain. It helps relax my foot and helps relieve my foot spasms. I have been using cannabis regularly for 2 years. I usually use 2 to 4 grams a week and smoke 1 or two time a day, usually at night.