THC or THCA? – Why You Don’t Have To Choose

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THC or THCA? – Why You Don’t Have To Choose


I suffer from chronic pain and I’m interested in learning how to make my own tinctures. This process of decarboxylating cannabis confuses me somewhat. I understand that THCA is converted to THC but in doing so does this not remove the anti-inflammatory properties of the THCA? I do want the THC for pain, but is this at the expense of removing the anti-inflammatory properties of THCA?


THCA, CBDA and CBD are all believed to help reduce inflammation while THC, CBN and CBD are better for treating pain. As you decarboxylate the THCA into THC you are losing the anti inflammatory properties but gaining the pain relief of THC.

The reason to decarb is to “activate” the cannabinoids, thus making them psychotropic and a very potent mind altering product that can help you escape your pain. If your cannabis does not go through the decarbing process the THCA may help treat the underlying issue, as long as inflammation is the cause of the pain. If forced to pick between THCA and THC you would have to try both and decide. In the end, your pain is uniquely yours and yours alone.

Luckily we don’t have to chose between THCA and THC. The simple solution is to make a tincture that is decarbed and another that is not. Simply mix the two together and you’ll have a tincture that treats both pain and inflammation.

If you are looking to medicate with THCA only, there is a process of creating cannabis juice using a wheat-grass juicer. Fresh not yet dried flowers are juiced and then immediately frozen in ice cube trays. These frozen cubes can then be thawed and consumed daily or as needed. The trick here is that the cubes are never allowed to decarb and the result is (hopefully) a completely non-psychotropic tonic. Cannabis consumed in this manner is often advocated for treatment of acute conditions, and does not involve a “high”. The drawback is that fresh  flowers are pretty hard to come by unless you are growing your own.

For further reading check out Understanding Cannabinoids and  How to make Cannabis Tinctures.

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