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Purple Kush
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Purple Kush is known in California’s medical cannabis community as a hard hitting pure indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani breeding. This crossbreed was created in northern California and widely spread through Oaksterdams SR-71 and Later Blue Sky Coffeeshop in Oakland. Upon deeper investigation the breeding behind Purple Kush gets a bit murky and it seems there may in fact be other Purple Kush strains in the mix. Humboldt’s Garberville Purple Kush, Kyle Kushman’s Las Vegas Purple Kush, and the myriad of Purple Kush clones floating around California are reported to display slightly differing characteristics. This could be attributed to differing phenotypes, from genetic drift, or they could in fact be crosses other than Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani. The Purple Kush in this review displayed the characteristics and medicinal properties of a solid indica which many of our reviewers found to provide above average relief from their symptoms. We highly recommend this strain be used in the evening as it produces nearly narcotic effects on its users.


Type: Indica
Lineage: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani – Note, other crosses may also be named Purple Kush
Breeder: Unknown California Crossbreed
Seed/Clone: Clones of Seeds
Seed Available Through: www.marijuana-seeds.nl


This beautiful sample of Purple Kush was mostly green with flecks of purple towards the trimmed edges where purple leaves had be manicured away. Upon close inspection the trichcomes create an impressive layer of bursting glands filled with glistening cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. While not as purple as some Purple Kush samples I’ve seen, lower dark period temperatures would have killed off the chlorophyll and brought out the zanaphyll which gives buds there purple hue.

Here is what Dez had to say. “This was a beautiful looking strain. Three nice tight dense buds completely covered with bright pumpkin covered hairs. A beautiful light minty green in coloring and totally crystallized.”


he odor of cannabis is determined by the quantities of terpenes present in the plant oils. Different noses seem to pick up the scent of different terpenes more readily than others. Here are some terms our reviewers used to describe their samples. Pine, spicy-sweet, earthy, woodsy, sage, sweet berry, sweet dried fruit, fruity mango, kiwi, medicinal antiseptic, pineapple, lime, sweet pea flowers.

I had to smile at Green Thumbs description. “The plant has a slightly fruity floral scent. The fruit is very light and kind of hangs on the back of my throat. Otherwise, it smells like a bouquet of flowers like you would put in a vase at your girlfriend’s house. It smells amazing, I’m in!”


Taste often mirrors scent and this was consistent with most of our review responses.. Olga tells us Purple Kush “Had a distinct herbal flavor similar to cilantro mixed with mint. Thick smoke and delicious flavor. It tasted like caramel that was spiked with peppermint candy.” 6 of our reviewers described it a having a fruity flavor and 5 described it as sweet. Additionally it was described as berry, pine, spicy, cinnamon, mango, and floral.


Purple Kush came through with true indica potency. Many described it as producing both a solid head and body high. Here are a few of the descriptions.

“It was very nice. I felt floaty and sort of discombobulated; I couldn’t feel my head and I kept making this silly face where I keep raising my eyebrows until it hurts. Sheesh, be careful! This is not a daytime medicine.”

“The buzz was slow to come on, but when it arrived it was a very heady buzz, I would have to call this one “the Creep” I didn’t notice anything at first and was about to think it was a bunk batch. But just as i was starting to load up a bowl of something else, it smacked me in the back of the head and left me dazed for about half an hour.”

“The buzz I received from this strain was VERY nice. Not only did I get a good mind high I also got one of the best body highs I have experienced. I need to have medication that helps my body pain and gives me a head high also. I can relax completely when I am lucky enough to find the strain that does that for me.”


Overall our reviewers found Purple Kush to be a very effective medicine and 13 of 14 recommended it for their symptoms. The only person who did not recommend it told us it was just to stony, and to me, that is saying something. Here is what our reviewers shared about their experiences with Purple Kush.

Cancer Survivor (Leukemia) “this strain helped relax my body and made me very tired.”

Shortcakes (Lupus and Fibromyalgia) “The strain worked well to relieve muscle/joint pain. It also helped to relax muscles.

Water Goddess (Severe Menstrual Pain) “This herb took my headache completely away within 15 minutes. I never felt the headache on my left side come back that day.”

Jess-has-MS (Multiple Sclerosis) “The body high started right away, with neuro-pain relief in my back and legs (this isn’t a numbing sensation, so much as a tingling that the path of the involved nerve cord, followed by significant calming of neuro-pain symptoms). While it was not sedating, it did help me sleep, as well.”

Jackwagon (Liver Disease) “I was nauseous with a headache and stressed from the day. I was able to relax and take a deep breath after the strain test. Headache and nausea left quickly.”

Yimbo (Pain) “For my pain this may have even been a little more than I needed to get going early in the day. But I would definitely use this strain on days where pain was extreme, or when when having a rough time getting to sleep.”

Mindhead (Severe Back Pain) “Helped my back trauma significantly and later on in the evening I slept like a champ.”

Mitchy (Chronic Arthritic Pain, Carpal Tunnel and Fibroid Tumors) “This strain was mostly a head buzz, but I noticed about a 40% reduction in my chronic hand pain, and a visible decrease in the redness and swelling were offered up by this one too.”

Dez (Arthritis, Back and Hip Pain, Contact Dermatitis) “Well I just drove for 14 Hours and couldn’t wait to try this for my back and hips, which were pretty much useless after all that traveling. I was in a lot of pain, and this strain took that pain from a 10 down to a 3 in about half an hour. Another half hour after that, the pain was almost all gone.”

Olga (Cartilage and Ligament Damage) “It was mostly a cerebral high, but my muscle soreness was aided greatly. I hadn’t medicated in several days but also had no bad flare ups in over a week, so I had worked out harder then usual and the medication helped me feel much more limber.”

BB (ADD, Pain and Anxiety) “This strain worked well. I had no anxiety and was able to function well. I liked this strain.”

Sugar Britches (Back Fusion, Breast Cancer, Depression) “This strain worked on my specific body pain (4 back surgeries & breast cancer) It was absolutely wonderful. I could not believe how relaxed I felt and was able to just let things go & enjoy the medication.”

Two of our reviewers has slightly negative remarks regarding Purple Kush as it pertained to their symptoms. Jill however when on to say she would recommend it to others and Green Thumb’s rating was based on it being overly powerful.

Green Thumb (PTSD) “I rate this as slightly below average simply because both times I used it I got extremely high. Plants used as medicine are, for me, better when I can remember where I left my car keys.”

Jill (ADHD) “Although there wasn’t ‘improvement’ it didn’t keep me from getting my homework done.”

Side Effects

Yimbo reported minor cottonmouth. Otherwise no adverse side effects were noted in this strain review.

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THCA 21.4%
THC .2%
CBDA .4%
CBD 0%
CBN .1%

Total THC: 21.6%
Total CBD: .4%
Total CBN: .1%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 22.1%
Moisture Content: 6.9%

Interested in learning a bit more about what these lab results mean? This article on Understanding Cannabinoids is a good place to get started.

Typical Growing Traits:

Indoor/Outdoor: Both
Maturation: 55-60 days indoor. Early October outdoor
Height at Finish: 5-7 feet outdoor
Yield: Indoor 500 grams per 1000 watts or meter squared. Outdoor 2 pounds or more per plant.
Predisposition for pest and fungus: Unknown
Notes: Typical indica growth traits. Stocky bushy plants that grow as wide as they do tall. Short internodal spacing produces very dense buds. Purple Kush works particularly well for Screen of Green indoor gardens.

Strain As Tested:


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